About Brendan Foery

I am a 19 year old singer, musician, actor, dancer and entrepreneur. I play guitar, drums, piano and bass as well as write, record, mix and produce my own music. I have been playing guitar and singing since I was four years old and started playing at local events and churches when I was 6 years old. I recently released my debut album "Reveal" and just moved to Los Angeles to continue to grow as a performer and build my business.

Singer, Musician, Actor, Entreprenuer


I have known what I've wanted to do since I was a toddler. I always wanted to create content that would inspire, entertain, and positively impact others. My vision is constantly evolving as I grow as an artist and as a person.


I've been performing for live audiences for over a decade. I've acted in plays, musicals, and done some work on film. Creativity is my life and this is what I do every single day. 


Learn. Do. Repeat. I'm a big believer in constant action. To always be doing something productive. Don't just wait for "the right opportunity". 


What separates me from other artists is not my talent but my focus on work ethic, skill development, and adaptability. I have natural ears for music and a natural eye for video, however, I know I'm not the most talented person ever and it is that mindset of putting "skill development" first that sets me apart. I don't believe you can truly be successful and have a sustainable career solely based on your talent anyway. I believe it is my understanding that as much as I am a creative, I am equally a business owner.

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